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Temporary Fence Panels

Temporary Fence, also known as portable fence, mobile fence, mobile security fence. Temporary fence panels from the production process point of view can be divided into two types: welded mesh temporary fence panels and woven mesh temporary fence panels. The first one is more popular and common.
Temporary fence panels are used for temporary isolation purposes. The temporary enclosure of the temporary fence panels is of great flexibility. Temporary fence are designed to have detachable components which includes temporary fence panels and base feet. These components are connected and detached easily so it’s good for portability, installation and transportation. The temporary fence is strong and quite good looking, and can be customized according to customers’ needs.
In most countries temporary mesh fences are mainly used for important meetings, festivals, sporting events, construction sites, etc. Temporary fence panels have a simple mesh structure, it’s beautiful and practical; easy to transport and the installation is not limited by different sites such as mountain, slope, curved Strip. The fence panels are cheaper than traditional temporary barriers. The panels are processed by electric galvanizing and powder coating. With such treatment, the panels will last for at least one decades without any maintenance. Better surface treatment is hot-dip galvanizing which has a service life of a lifetime.

Temporary Fence Panels Specification

A HEIGHT: 1500mm / 1800mm / 2000mm / 2200mm / 2400mm


B WIDTH: 2000mm / 2500mm / 3000mm


C WIRE THICKNESS: 3.0mm / 3.5mm / 4.0mm / 5.0mm


D MESH SIZE: 100m*50mm / 150mm*50mm / 200mm*50mm


E FRAME DIAMETER: 32mm / 38mm / 42mm


F CLAMP: Metal Clamp


G BASE FOOT: Anti-UV PP Plastic Base Foot / Metal Base Foot


S SURFACE: Hot Dipped Galvanized (505g/m²)

Electric Galvanized + Polyester Powder Coated (All colors in Ral)

welded mesh fencing right arrow
temporary fence panels


  1. Height: the height of the temporary fence panels.
  2. Width: the horizontal distance of temporary fence panels, measure from center to center of the vertical frame pipes on both sides.
  3. Wire Thickness: diameter of the wire in inside panel.
  4. Frame Diameter: outside-diameter of the frame of temporary fence panel.
  5. Clamp: special metal clamp only for temporary fence panels, with two wings expend out for connection.
  6. Anti-UV PP Plastic Base Foot: fill the anti-UV plastic PP liquid material to a mould, to form the base foot.
  7. Metal Base Foot: normally welded by steel flat bar.
  8. Hot Dipped Galvanized: dip the fence in to a container which is full of liquid zinc, to prevent the temporary fence panels from getting rusty.
  9. Electric Galvanized + Polyester Powder Coated: electric galvanized (zinc coating 8~12g) as a pre – surface treatment inside, polyester powder layer outside, to prevent the temporary fence panels from getting rusty.


temporary fence in construction site

Different base foot

Temporary fence panels have different base foot available. There are three kinds of base feet according to the different materials: plastic base foot, metal base foot and cement base foot. The plastic base foot and the metal base foot are more common than the cement one. Because the cement one is very easy to break and hard to move.

temporary portable fence


To use the clamps to connect each panels of temporary fence panels, it is very easy to move the temporary fence. And the temporary fence panels are widely used in the construction sites to surround the area which was under construction. So it needs to be portable. It also has another name of portable fence because of this kind of feature.

temporary fence adaptable

Strong Adaptability to Topography

Very similar to the crowd control barriers, the temporary fence panels are also very adapt to the topography. So it is also very popular because of its feature. You can choose the temporary fence without worrying the topography.

Randomly Selected Projects

2014 – 2,400pcs – Canada
Exported 2,400pcs temporary fence panels to BC, Canada.

2012 – 600pcs – New Zealand
Exported 600pcs of hot dipped galvanized temporary fence panes to New Zealand.

2009 – 2,300pcs – Australia
Exported 2,300pcs (4*40’HQ containers) hot dipped galvanized temporary fence panels to west Australia for a construction company.

2012 – 4,200pcs – Canada
Exported 4,200pcs electric galvanized (zinc coating 8~12g/m2) + polyester powder coated (red, yellow, blue, green, orange mixed loading) temporary fence panels to Ontario, Canada.

2011 – 4,380 pcs – Australia
Exported 4,380pcs (6*40’HQ) hot dipped galvanized temporary fence panels to Australia for a construction company.

My first deal with Skyhall Fence was in Canton Fair 2011. I was clearly remember they show me their quotation very quickly in only about five mins in their booth. I thought their loading capacity was wrong when they first show me can load 730 pcs temporary fence panels in a 40’HQ container, because in my experience, can only load 440 pcs. Then they showed me their change on the specs – to punch the edge of the frame to be flat. This really help me save a lot of shipping fee.

– Ben

We had a requirement for a huge amount of temporary fence panels and feet. The need is very urgent and after we contacted a few suppliers, finally Skyhall Fence provide us with a detailed and perfect plan for manufacturing such amount in a very short of time. They really helped us with our schedule. Thanks again.

– Adbu

Our former supplier had some problem with production and finally we got contact with Skyhall Fence and they showed great patience with our complex requirements and came up with a good arrangement for our order. These guys from Skyhall Fence were really cautious with customers’ requirement no matter how complicated it was. Good for you guys.

– Albert

I was amazed by the professionalism displayed by the process of our communications with Skyhall Fence Team. They have first grade customer service that anytime I need them, they’ll respond very soon. And their designing team really does a great job on my project design. Keep doing great!

– Brandon

We are a construction company in Canada and cooperate with Skyhall for around 2 years. They gave us good product and service, the designer is quite good and we appreciate their professional very much. The delivery of the products are always on time and keep us in inform all the time. Quite pleasant cooperation with them.

– Peter

temporary fence easy to move

Easy to move

The installation of the temporary fence panels are very easy, so it is also very convenient to move and put it on wherever you want. And combined with its widely use on the construction sites. So easy to move makes the temporary fence panels quite popular.

Collision resistance

The temporary fence panels are welded by the low carbon steel wire and strong steel frame pipe. So it is very strong and can resist the collision from outside. To choose the temporary fence for the construction site or to protect other things from bumping, it is quite a nice idea.

temporary fence collision resistant
temporary fence quick installation

Quick installation

When you use the temporary fence panels to surround the place, another advantage will come out of the temporary fences—-quick installation. The components of the temporary fence is quite simple: the fence panel, the plastic or metal base foot and clips. To install the temporary fence is to put the panel into the the base foot and connect by the clips between each panel.

Low loading capacity

The loading capacity of the temporary fence is smaller compared with other wire mesh fence. So when you decided to purchase the temporary fence, you may consider the space of the temporary fence take in the container and calculate the quantity you want. But don’t worried about that, our experts will help you and use the container in most reasonable way.

temporary fence loading capacity

The installation of the temporary fence panels

As we all know, the installation of the temporary fence panels are quite easy and quick.
First, let’s think about the main parts of the temporary fences, the temporary fence panel, the plastic or metal base foot and clips.
Second,let us learn about the usage of each part, the first part is also the main part of the temporary fencing, the panels are used to surround or protect the sites you designated; the plastic or metal base foot is used to make the whole fence can stand on the ground and easy to move; the clips are used to connect the panels next to;
Third, after learn about the each part and the usage, install the each parts of the temporary fence panels together, put the steel temporary fence panel into the base foot, use the clips to connect the two panels next to, and use the bolts&nuts to fix the clips to make the temporary fencing firm;
And then comes to the base foot of the temporary fence panels, the commonly used are the plastic one and metal one. Each plastic foot have two holes on it and can put the the temporary fence panel next to in one foot, so it is two panels with three feet; while the metal one is two feet with one panel. Both of the two feet are very easy and quick to install, so you don’t worry about the installation of temporary fence panels.


temporary fencing cad
temporary fence applications

Application Scenarios

There are many kinds of applications of the temporary fence panels from Skyhall Fence.
1. Temporary fence panels can be used to secure construction sites and private property;
2. Temporary fencing can also be used for major public events, sports, concerts, festivals, gatherings, swimming pools and other usages;
3. Temporary fence is a good choice of residential housing sites;
The feet are removable which makes transportation and storage much easier and more efficient. So it makes the temporary fence has so many applications. They are very common in the construction sites. It prevent the people from the construction which is being built, so can assure the safety of the people.

Kinds of packing of the temporary fence panels from Skyhall Fence

There are three kinds of packing of the temporary fence panels from Skyhall Fence as below:
Option one: we always load the metal temporary fence panels in container in bulk without packing.
Option two: plastic film wrapped outside of the metal temporary fence panels and then loaded on the strong steel pallet.
Option three: If our customer has their idea about the packing, we can also help our customer design the packing to fulfill our customers’ requirement.
You can choose the first kind of packing, because loading the metal temporary fence panels in container in bulk without packing can help you reduce the cost and you can also have a competitive price in your local market. What a good choice!
You can also chose the second kind of packing, although the price of this kind of packing is a little higher than the first one, it has itself advantages, such as, the plastic film wrapped outside of the metal temporary fencing can prevent it from being rusted and damped. The strong steel pallet can protect the temporary fence from being damaged. It can also make the loading very easy by the forklift and make the fence panels looks very neat.
If our customer has their idea about the packing, we can also help our customer design the packing to fulfill our customers’ requirement.

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