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Welded Mesh Fencing

Welded mesh fencing is one of the best-selling items of Skyhall Fence. With this product Skyhall Fence brings customers a fencing solution that reduces the project budget and offers a fascinating-look and security-ensured fencing choice. Welded mesh fencing owns its popularity to its beautiful design and security nature.

Welded mesh fencing panels are made of high grade steel wires. Welded together by parallel horizontal wires and vertical wires to form a strong panel. With proper size of the triangle bends and suitable colors of powder coating with a variety of color choices, such as yellow, green, red, it makes this product have a unique aesthetic effect. With different color combinations of posts and mesh panels it makes the fencing very eye-pleasing. And the posts usually come with plate flanges and expansion bolts which make the installation very fast. Welded mesh fencing are usually used in combination with peach post, square post or round post. Customers can choose one of them by their preference.

Welded mesh fencing are already widely used in highways, roads, railways, airports, factories, buildings, residential areas, ports, urban green spaces, gardens, flower beds and greenland. Welded mesh fencing have such features which are high strength, good rigidity, good-looking in appearance, wide view, simple installation.

Welded Mesh Fencing Specifications

A HEIGHT: 1030mm / 1230mm / 1430mm / 1630mm / 1830mm / 2030mm / 2230mm


B WIDTH: 2000mm / 2500mm


C WIRE THICKNESS: 4.0mm / 4.5mm / 5.0mm


D MESH SIZE: 200mm*50mm / 200mm*55mm


E POST: square post (60mm*60mm), peach post, swallow tail post(60mm)


F CLAMP: metal clamp / anti-UV plastic clamp / no clamp


G POST CAP: metal cap / anti-UV plastic cap


S SURFACE: Hot Dipped Galvanized (505g/m²)

Electric Galvanized + Polyester Powder Coated (All colors in Ral)

Electric Galvanized + PVC Coated

welded mesh fencing right arrow
welded mesh fencing 3d illustration


  1. Height: the height of the fence panel.
  2. Width: the distance between two posts, measure from center to center
  3. Wire Thickness: diameter of the wire
  4. Peach Post: special post type, looks like a peach. Peach post do not needs clamps to set up the fence panel.
  5. Hot Dipped Galvanized: dip the fence in to a container that is full of liquid zinc, to prevent the welded mesh fence from getting rusty.
  6. Electric Galvanized + Polyester Powder Coated: electric galvanized (zinc coating 8~12g) as a pre – surface treatment inside, polyester powder layer outside, to prevent the welded mesh fence from getting rusty.
  7. Electric Galvanized + PVC Coated: electric galvanized (zinc coating 8~12g) as a pre – surface treatment inside, then dip the fence in to a container that is full of liquid PVC, to prevent the welded mesh fencing from getting rusty.


welded mesh fencing see through panel

See through panel

Welded mesh fencing has the big mesh like 200mm*50mm, so you can see the inside buildings through the weld mesh fence panels. To design the mesh size to be 200mm*50mm, its appearance will look comfortable on the human visual sense. At the same time, it can be coordinated with the welded mesh fencing height, width and the folds.

welded mesh fencing folds on panel

Folds on panel

There are two kinds of folds on the welded mesh fencing:the big folds, which is 200mm length; the small folds, which is 100mm length. Usually the processing charges of the small folds is higher than the big ones, because the handcraft is more complicated. And the folds on the wire mesh fence panels can increase its impact resistance.

welded mesh fencing installation

Easy installation

The welded mesh fencing is composed by the mesh fence panels, the post and the clamps. The main parts of this steel mesh fence is quite simple. And the clamps is specially designed for the welded mesh fence and its post. Once you see these fittings of welded mesh fencing and our explanation of installation, you will build your welded mesh fencing yourself!

Randomly Selected Projects

2014 – 11.7km – South Africa

Exported 35.1km hot dipped galvanized welded mesh fence to Johannesburg, to fencing the sections of stadium.

2012 – 17.5km – Turkey

Exported 17.5km welded mesh fence to Turkey. To fencing a industry zone in Bursa.

2009 – 22.0km – Poland

Exported 22km welded mesh fence, 2.03m * 2.50m / thick 5.0mm / Ral-5005 blue color.

2013 – 14.0km – China
Supplied 14.0km welded wire mesh panel with peach post to fencing the branch company of Pepsi in Jiangxi province, China.

2010 – 3.1km – Philippine
Exported 3.1km welded mesh fence to a construction super market in Philippine. Individual package for each set of welded mesh fence.

 We experienced an enjoyable journey working with Skyhall Fence Team. The welded mesh fencing project you helped us design and delivered is really impressive! And the service your company provides is top-notch – from initial request for info and proposal to the product design and manufacture. Your company really cares about the customer’s real need, keep it on!  

– Rashid

 I purchased the welded mesh fencing from SKYHALL to Poland in October 2014, very impressed by their quality and service. All welded mesh fencing were packed very well and their service is perfect. I was surprised that there is a such professional fencing supplier in Anping county. I will keep in touch with SKYHALL and wish to cooperate with them in the future.  

– David

 I had a cooperation with Skyhall on weld wire mesh fence and their fences re satisfied. Through al the procedure from I inquiry to got the products, I appreciate their job very much. They less my worry about it and give me many good ideas. Thank you all vey much. Bravo! Mon ami!  

– Alfred

 I’m Cater Lee from India, the welded mesh fencing I bought last year are really nice. The price is good and with good quality. Most importantly, they also allow me to make my own fence, the color and product specification really make me satisfied.  

– Cater

 I’m a local wholesaler of the metal fencing in Lebanon, I purchased the welded mesh fening from Skyhall for several times in the year 2014, I am very happy, because the mesh fence from Skyhall are selling very well in our market, thanks for the high quality mesh fence with proper price and the perfect service.  

– Khaled

welded mesh fence


Because of the processing and the raw material, the welded mesh fencing price is quite economic among the big fencing system. The factors to influence the wire mesh fence prices are the wire thickness, the mesh size, the size, the post size. The thicker of the wire thickness, the smaller of the mesh size, the bigger of the size, the price will be higher.


The appearance of the welded mesh fencing looks very comfortable outside. Compared with the barbed wire and concertina razor wire, welded mesh fencing panels is not sharp and dangerous. And you can also choose whatever color you like, with the bright beautiful color, the welded mesh fencing can also play a decorative role for your residence.

welded mesh fencing beautiful
welded mesh fencing security


After learn about the general introduction of our welded mesh fencing, you may trust its security easily. First of all, it welded by the low carbon steel wire, it is absolutely much stronger than the wooden ones or bamboo ones; Second, the folds on the weld mesh panels can also increase its impact resistance against the outside impact. Third, you can customized the fence with the height and the size of the post you want, so to break a welded mesh fence, it may a quite hard job to do.

Not Anti-Cut

Because of the mesh size is 200mm*50mm for the welded mesh fencing, its man-made sabotage resistance is low. People can use pliers to cut the wire and destroy the fence panel. So if you put the security on your priority, you had better choose the fence with smaller meshes.

welded mesh fencing not anti-cut

The Installation Of the Welded Mesh Fencing

The installation of welded mesh fencing is not so difficult. Generally speaking, there are mainly two ways to make them more stable standing on the ground.

The first one is to use flange and anchor bolts. Make sure the width of the fence panel and the distance between the two posts, and measure the length between the two posts by their edges, and then make sure the length is the same. Then you can use the anchor bolts to fasten the flange tightly on the ground, and the posts will be stable at the same.Next, use the metal clamps or plastic clamps to make a connection with the panels. Calculate the length of the panels and make sure one clamp at least every 50cm vertically. The washier should be holding the wire and covered by clamps.

The other way of installation is to bury the post into the earth. The length of the post under the ground can be changeable. But usually, 30cm – 60cm are the most likely reasonable distance. So before sending the posts into the ground, we need to dig holes for the installation. Firstly, measure the size of the posts, and make sure the hole’s diameter. Count the distance of the panels and make several centimeters more between the centers of the two holes. Use the spade to dig a hole and dig a hole parallel. Because we will make a little more room to send the post into the ground. Then send the post and make them stand vertically. Use the Anti-UV plastic clamps or metal clamps to connect the fence panel to the post. And make sure the length of the post standing on the ground stay the same with other posts.


welded mesh fencing cad
welded mesh fencing application scenarios

Application Scenarios

Welded mesh fencing have a wide variety of using conditions. This kind of welded mesh can not only protect the private property like all fence do, but also decorate the place where it is used. Take the playground in the Universities for example, Welded mesh fencing with several folds and various colors will surely make the edge of the playground more lively. Because the design is pretty gentle. Besides, welded fence panel are more durable than the euro fence and chain link fence, and the folds can also be changed into smaller ones and bigger ones according to the different requirements of the practical users.

Packing of the welded mesh fencing from skyhall fence

General speaking, in order to the protect the welded mesh fencing from being rusted, damaged and damped in the container which will be transported on the sea for so many days, we always use the plastic film wrapped outside of the welded mesh fencing and then loaded on the steel pallet. The plastic film can protect the weld mesh fence from being rusted, and the steel pallet which is strong enough to prevent the welded mesh fencing from being damaged when loading and unloading by the container forklift.

We can also do the packing of the welded wire mesh with the packing belts and then use the plastic film wrapped outside of the weld wire mesh fence, finally, loaded on the wooden pallet which is very smooth to protect the surface of the weld mesh from being scratched.

However, if the customer in order to cut the cost and do not want the packing of the welded mesh fencing, we can also provide the welded wire mesh fence in bulk which is without any packing.

Without doubt, if our dear customers have their own idea about the packing the weld mesh fence, we can also design the packing with the idea from our customer.

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