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BRC Fence

BRC fence is a kind of welded wire fence in Skyhall fence product series. BRC fence also called roll top fence in some region. Its main market is in Singapore and other southeast Asia countries. Chinese supplier called the BRC fence to be Korean fence because there also have a big market of BRC fence in South Korea.

The production process of BRC fence is similar with other welded fence. First to welded the low carbon steel wire to be designed size panel, then need a special bending machine to make the rolling top and bottom. The surface treatment of the BRC fence panel and post is in the end step of production process. Special “V” shape clips is only designed for BRC fence, but some engineer prefer to use V clips to other kind of fencing products with self drilling bolts, because of the V clips is a kind of economic and convenient connection solution in some ways.

BRC fence usually be used in parking area, park or some other area in the city. Some engineer designed the BRC fence used to be as temporary protection such as in a building floor during construction. Skyhall provide all kinds of BRC fence with different specs. Need more information? Contact us!

BRC Fence Specifications

A HEIGHT: 1200mm / 1350mm / 1500mm / 1650mm / 1800mm / 1950mm /

2100mm / 2250mm

B WIDTH: 1500mm / 2000mm / 2500mm


C WIRE THICKNESS: 4.0mm / 4.5mm / 5.0mm


D MESH SIZE: 150mm*50mm


E CLAMP: Metal V Clamp / Anti-UV Plastic Clamp


F POST: Round Post (dia 50mm / 60mm) Square Post (60mm*60mm)


G POST CAP: Metal Cap / Anti-UV Plastic Cap


S SURFACE: Hot Dipped Galvanized (505g/m²)

Electric Galvanized + Polyester Powder Coated (All colors in Ral)

welded mesh fencing right arrow
BRC Fence


  1. Height: the height of the BRC fence panel.
  2. Width: the distance between two BRC fence posts, measure from center to center.
  3. Wire Thickness: diameter of the wire of BRC fence.
  4. Mesh Size: the size of the BRC fence panel mesh, normally is 150mm*50mm.
  5. Metal V Clamp: a “V” shape clamp for connecting the panel with post, normally the material is metal.
  6. Hot Dipped Galvanized: dip the fence in to a container that is full of liquid zinc, to prevent the BRC fence from getting rusty.
  7. Electric Galvanized + Polyester Powder Coated: electric galvanized (zinc coating 8~12g) as a pre – surface treatment inside, polyester powder layer outside, to prevent the BRC fence from getting rusty.


brc fence colorful

Economic Products

BRC fence is kind of economic products in Skyhall fence series. This type of fence is much cheaper than 358 mesh fence and steel palisade fencing, etc. Of course, the security function is not like others. The V clips is also another factor to make it economic.

roll top fence panels

Rolling Top / Bottom

Rolling top and bottom is the most important feature of BRC fence. BRC fence is the only one type of fence with rolling top and bottom. There are two main reason to design the fence like this. First is to make it stronger in horizontal line. Another is to make it looks more beautiful.

brc fence white color

See Through Panel

BRC fence is a kind of see through panel in welded fencing series. It’s very easy to see what’s in another side of the fence. If you want to show your garden or building to the people, BRC fence is a good choice, but if you need privacy to protect, maybe BRC is not a good choice.

Randomly Selected Projects

2014 – 21.0km – South Korea
Exported 21.0km powder coated BRC fence to South Korea for the camp and buildings near airport.

2012 – 3.2km – Singapore
Exported 3.2km hot dipped galvanized (zinc 505g/m2) BRC fence to Singapore for fencing a parking area.

2009 – 2.4km – Singapore
Exported 2.4km hot dipped galvanized BRC fence to Singapore for temporary protecting in building construction site.

2012 – 11.0km – South Africa
Exported 11.0km hot dipped galvanized BRC fence to South Africa for fencing a city park.

2010 – 1.2km – Singapore
Exported 1.2km powder coated BRC fence panel to Singapore for construction site protecting.

Started cooperating with Skyhall since about 4 years ago, importing the BRC fence from Skyhall to Singapore for construction site temporary protecting on the different floor of building. Most times of the fence they sent to us are good, except one time their fence surface looks dark. Heard about that they do not control the temperature of the zinc container very well during hot dipped galvanized process. Hope the same problem won’t happen again and they make it better in the future

– Sandrina

We are a metal fence wholesaler in Singapore. The BRC fence Skyhall fence provide us is really hot sale in our local market because of the high quality products and proper price. The surface treatment of the BRC fence from Skyhall is very nice and neat. Wholesaling their BRC fences in our country, we have a lot of profit. Thank you very much.

– Clarence

We are a trading company in Singapore. We thanks for the good quality BRC fence, competitive price and superior service from Skyhall Fence. All the element make us have our good reputation in the BRC fence regards in our country. They really done a good job. We hope their business in the metal fence regard is booming in the new year.

– Desmond

We had a garden fencing project which required a lot of BRC fencing panels. The price from local market is too high for our budget so we found Skyhall Fence from the internet and they offered us with quite good price and after we received their sample which is quite high in quality, we happily accepted their offer and now we had a perfect fencing for our project.

– Vincent

In our country a almost everywhere is BRC fence, it is quite commonly used. And we import te brc from Skyhall is also very popular here. I appreciate their attitude and the way of their work. To work with them are very pleasant.

– Yoshikawa

brc fence parking lot


One of the big features of BRC fence is its rolltop and bottom, it looks more beautiful. So you can choose the BRC fence for your garden, yard or house etc. It can help to decorate your garden, house in some certain way. To find a beautiful and strong fencing, you can select the BRC fence.

Good view

Because of its see through feature, you can get a good view from the BRC fences. The mesh size of the BRC fence is usually 200mm*50mm, it is not too big but it is enough for you to see through the fence panels. So it maybe a good choice for the garden then you can share the beauty of your and view with others.

brc fence bridge
brc fence black

Easy installation

The installation of the BRC fence is not complex, so when you bought the BRC fencing home, it do not have to worry about the installation. You can follow our direction on the installation or ask our experts for help. All is OK, we will be here anytime for help.

Low loading capacity

Because of its rolltop and bottom, the space between each fence panel is bigger than other fence panel. But the BRC fence can not be loaded like that.

brc fence yard

Installation of the BRC Fence from Skyhall Fence

BRC fence is also kind of easy installation production. Need to follow the normal installation process of metal fence products. We will give an example of the BRC fence installation based on 2.5m width.1.Measure the BRC fence width of per set, calculate correctly if need to install all post together. Setting up the post into the holes on the ground every 2.5 linear meter. If the ground is concrete, we need to set up the post flange plate with M10 (min) anchor bolts into the concrete ground. During measure process, please make sure the line is straight or it is followed your plan. We can not change it after setting up the post.

2.Take the BRC fence panel out and stand up close to the fence panel. Need to make sure there is little space between the BRC fence panel and post. It should be touch or has very small space which will not affect setting up the V clips.

3.Setting up the V clips by vertical distance according to the punched holes on the post. Normally it is about 450mm or 600mm for per V clip. If the bolts are self drilling bolts, then we do not need any holes on post, just drill the bolts into the post wall accordingly.

4. Installing post rain cap on the top of the post in the end. If the height of BRC fence is too difficult for installing post cap, please set up the post cap first before set up the post. If the post cap is metal cap and already been welded on the post, then do not need to do any work on the post cap installation.


brc fencing cad
brc fence road

Application Scenarios

BRC fence is wildly used in the city, but main market is in Singapore, Korea and other Southeast Asia countries. At the first beginning, BRC fence is used as a city barriers for parking area, city part, road side fence and use for residential zone, but there are some engineers designed the BRC fence to be a temporary use during the construction of building. It can be fixed on the edge of each floor for protecting the staffs working on higher floors when they doing the building construction. Most of the BRC fence application are outdoor using, so hot dipped galvanized surface treatment is more acceptable than powder coated.

Packing of BRC Fence from skyhall fence

To packing the BRC fence is also followed Skyhall standard packing. We need to loaded the BRC fence panel on a steel pallets one by one. Order should be one panel “face up” and the next one “face down”. This method can increase the loading capacity. Then use the corner cover set up the the four corner of the pallet to protect the corner of the panels. Steel belt wrap the pallets and tight it. Plastic film wrapped in the end to prevent the water going through the pallets. About the post, we can also load them in the pallets like the BRC fence panel packing process above. If requested, the post will have independent package for each post, but this package cost more and need extra charge. For the V-clips and, rain cap and bolts&nuts, will be packed in a carton box with Skyhall logo tape on it. If the surface treatment of the BRC fence is hot dipped galvanized (zinc coating 505g/m2), we can do packing in bulk to save some cost and reduce some price if requested.

(1)In Bulk: loading the BRC fence panel, post in bulk. (only be suggested when loading the hot dipped galvanized BRC fence)
(2)Plastic Film + Steel Pallet: wrapped the plastic film then loaded on steel pallet. (suggested)

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