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Crowd Control Barrier

Crowd control barrier is used for emergency isolation or quarantine situation, isolating population and large public. Crowd control barrier can also be customized according to customers’ requirements. Skyhall Brand crowd control barrier is a new type of steel/iron street barrier. It is a modified and optimized security product, it is a creative product which is based on the original prototype. This product is largely improved than the older versions. It’s designed to be more beautiful and stronger.
Crowd control barrier is widely used in places like banks, train stations, hospitals, post offices, theaters, airports, subways. It is the best choice for routes guiding and it’s also widely used in distribution and repair sites, electrical repair, reconstruction, transportation, cordon area and many other sites.
Crowd control barrier is not just used on road for simple isolation, the more important purposes are for traffic express and passing city traffic information. They are used to establish a rule, and maintain traffic orders, make city traffic more secure, efficient and in order. It also makes the surrounding environment more harmonious and in coordination.
Crowd control barrier is a perfect product for malls and conferences. With its beautiful design and effective use, it makes the application much better.

Crowd Control Barrier Specification

A HEIGHT: 1000mm / 1100mm / 1200mm / 1500mm


B WIDTH: 2000mm / 2200mm / 2500mm


C FRAME DIAMETER: 30mm / 38mm / 40mm / 42mm


D INSIDE PIPE DIAMETER: 16mm / 20mm / 25mm / 32mm




F BASE FOOT: Metal Base Foot


S SURFACE: Hot Dipped Galvanized (505g/m²)

Electric Galvanized + Polyester Powder Coated (All colors in Ral)

welded mesh fencing right arrow
crowd control barrier


  1. Height: the height of the crowd control barrier.
  2. Width: the horizontal distance of the frame of crowd control barrier.
  3. Frame Diameter: frame pipe outside diameter of crowd control barrier.
  4. Inside Diameter: inside pipe diameter of crowd control barrier.
  5. Metal Hook: a round metal stick which is folded to a hook, for connection function of crowd control barrier.
  6. Base Foot: a folded round pipe for helping the crowd control barrier stand on the ground.
  7. Hot Dipped Galvanized: dip the fence in to a container which is full of liquid zinc, to prevent the crowd control barrier from getting rusty.
  8. Electric Galvanized + Polyester Powder Coated: electric galvanized (zinc coating 8~12g) as a pre – surface treatment inside, polyester powder layer outside, to prevent the crowd control barrier from getting rusty.


crowd control barrier welded pipes

Welded by Pipes

Different with the wire mesh fence and pale panel fence, the crowd control barrier is welded by the pipes. It is very strong because of the the welded pipe together. The common diameter of the frame pipe is 42mm and the inside pipe diameter is 32mm. So you don’t worried about the strength of the crowd control barricades.

crowd control barrier flexible

Strong Adaptability to Topography

The crowd control barrier is very flexible and is very adapt the topography. The connection of the crowd control barricades are very easy to move and install. So the crowd control stanchions has a very strong adaptability to topography.

crowd control barrier portable fence


Because of the connection of the crowd control barrier is not fixed, each of the panel is separated and easy to move. You can put the concrete barriers on wherever you want to use. This is also a great feature of the crowd control barricades. It makes the user very convenient.

Randomly Selected Projects

2014 – 15,000pcs – France
Exported 15,000pcs crowd control barrier to France, special type.

2011 – 11,000pcs – France
Exported 11,000pcs of hot dipped galvanized crowd control barrier to France. Specification was manufactured to client’s request.

2008 – 6,000pcs – Australia
Exported 6,000pcs (11*40’HQ containers) hot dipped galvanized crowd control barrier to Australia for a stadium.

2013 – 6,800pcs – United States
Exported 6,800pcs hot dipped galvanized crowd control barrier (temporary fence) to United States.

2008 – 2,300pcs – Australia
Exported 2,300pcs electric galvanized + polyester powder coated (Ral-9005) temporary crowd control barrier to Australia.

The sales team at skyhall fence shows professionalism through the interaction between our communication. My project needs a lot of crowd control barriers and the local market in my country is not good. The price there is so high. So I finally got contact with skyhall fence. And their offer really helped me a lot. Thank you again.

– Bobby

We imported two 40’HQ containers of hot dipped galvanized crowd control barriers from Skyhall Fence two years ago for French market. Skyhall Fence manufactured the temporary crowd control barriers to our requested specification and we had a very good cooperation. The quality of their crowd control barriers is very good, it’s for a parking zone in Paris. The barriers stand outdoor for two years, surface become to a little bit dart but still not rusty. Very good brand. Believe they will become to the best crowd control barrier and best metal fence manufacture and exporter in China.

– Adolphe

We are a big mall in Australia, and use the fencing to surround our mall, it is quite good to separate the different zones. And the quality of skyhall is good. Thank u very much. And our logo on the fence is also very satisfied. You will be our long time partner.

– Brook

This is the first time we cooperate with Skyhall Fence in the crowd control barrier regard. Before we place and order, we request an sample to check the quality. The quality of the sample is very good. When we received the first 40’ container crowd control barrier, the quality is as the same to the sample, and we are very satisfied with their service.

– Gustav

I am a big wholesaler in my country Australia, we have cooperated with Skyhall Fence in the crowd control barrier regard for more than one year, before we cooperate with each other, I came to China to visit Skyhall Fence factory. What a big factory! In the factory, I saw many skillful workers were working hard with the neat equipment. And the crowd control barrier in Skyhall factory is very good. So we signed a contract for three years.

– Tolly

crowd control barrier easy installation

Easy to install

It is very flexible to connect the crowd control barricades together. And its greatest feature is portable, so it is always very easy to installation. Both sides of each panel with the hook on it, and you can fix each panel very easily. So when you choose security barriers, you won’t worry about the its installation.


The crowd control barricade is welded by the pipes, and usually it is not very high or so strong, because it is used to control the crowd and make the people in the queue. So the cost of the crowd control barricades won’t be too high.

crowd control barrier ecnomical
crowd control barrier easy to transport

Easy to transport

Each panel of the crowd control barricade is separated and very convenient to pack together. When transport the crowd control barriers, it is very easy to load and unload it. It will also remove you many worries to get the crowd control barricades to your destinations.

Low security

The main role of the crowd control barricades is to separate the crowds and make control of a lot of people who get together. So it won’t need to be high security. And it also need to make sure the people won’t hurt, not like the razor wire or barbed wire.

low security temporary fence

Installation of the crowd control barrier from Skyhall Fence

The installation of the crowd control barrier from Skyhall Fence is very easy for our customers. There are four parts in the full set of the crowd control barrier. The most important one is the major part called fencing panel. The second one is the metal removable base foot. The third one is also the metal removable base foot. And the last one is the metal hook. When you install the crowd control barrier, you need to put the both of base feet on the on the flat ground and you should assure the both of base foot on ground are stable enough to stand. Then you should put the fence panel on the both of metal feet. Easy interlocking system for fast installation. Removable/locking feet for stacking and storing ease.

Crowd control barriers are designed to be linked by strong hook.A bend of the hook create a positive interlock which link the panels well. Male hook is usually made of 5/8″ steel rod. and recptor is usually made of 3/16″ by 1.5″ steel plate.they link the panels together.
The crowd control barrier is with removable base feet is very easy to be installed and the removable feet can help cut the space in the container. So many customers like this kind of installation.


crowd control barrier cad
metal crowd control barriers

Application Scenarios

Crowd control barriers from Skyhall Fence are the ideal solution to many pedestrian control needs. The barrier can ensure the safety of the public, keeping good order. During events and gatherings, crowd control barriers provide safety and security for patrons and the public. A quick and efficient barrier is provided and perfect for all situations where you need to keep the public away from a designated area. The crowd control barrier can be used for the street barrier which can separate the people from the cars and can protect people from injured from the cars. So that it can keep a good traffic order.

Packing of crowd control barrier from Skyhall Fence

There are three kinds of packing of the crowd control barrier from Skyhall Fence as below:
Option one: we always load the safety barriers in container in bulk without packing.
Option two: plastic film wrapped outside of the crowd control barrier and then loaded on the strong steel pallet.
Option three: we can also help our customer design the packing to fulfill our customers’ requirement.
Why we load the traffic barriers in container by bulk without packing?
The reason is that loaded the crowd control barriers in bulk without packing can cut the cost. So that the price is lower and can be competitive from other suppliers. It can help our customers have a competitive price in their local market. So some customers chose the first packing.
And why we use the plastic film wrapped outside of the barriers and then loaded on strong steel pallet?
For one thing, the plastic film wrapped can prevent the traffic barriers from being rusted. It can also protect the barriers from being damped. For another thing, the strong steel pallet can protect the barriers from being damaged and can make it easy to be loaded in the container by container forklift. This kind of packing has high security for the crowd control barrier. So some of customers like this kind of packing.

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