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Concertina Razor Wire

Concertina razor wire is a kind of razor wire. Another two kind of razor wire is flat type razor wire and razor wire mesh. Comparing with barbed wire fencing, concertina razor wire is a little bit more expensive, but the security function is better than barbed wire fencing. There are several different kind of razor blade type wildly used in the market, BTO-10, BTO-22, BTO-25, BTO-28, BTO-30, CBT-60 and CBT-65. The most common type is BTO-22, take more than 90% of razor wire market. Producing concertina razor wire also have a very high production ability. Need to punch the blade first before wrapping the core wire in it. Then rolling the razor wire to be designed outside diameter. Adding clips to make it to be concertina shape, and that is the reason for the name of concertina razor wire. During the packing process, workers need to press a lot of concertina razor wire coils to be a bundle to increase the loading capacity. Concertina razor wire is wildly used in the global market, but main market are Nigeria and Middle East. Most country prefer to make razor wire to be the country boundary wall and military zone because of its high security function.

Concertina Razor Wire Specifications

A Outside Diameter: 450mm / 500mm / 550mm / 600mm / 650mm / 700mm /750mm / 800mm / 900mm / 950mm / 1000mm


B Length: 8m ~ 15m


C Blade Thickness : 0.32mm ~ 0.6mm


D Blade Type: BTO-10 / BTO-12 / BTO-22 / CBT-25 / BTO-30 / CBT-60 / CBT-65


S SURFACE: Pre Hot Dipped Galvanized (100g/m²)

Electric Galvanized + Polyester Powder Coated (All colors in Ral)

welded mesh fencing right arrow
Concertina Razor Wire


  1. Outside Diameter: the diameter of the concertina razor wire.
  2. Extension Length: the covering length of the concertina razor wire when we set it up.
  3. Core Wire Thickness: the diameter of concertina razor wire core wire.
  4. Blade Thickness: the thickness of concertina razor wire blade.
  5. Blade Type: blade type of the concertina razor wire.
  6. Pre Hot Dipped Galvanized: the surface of concertina razor wire material is already been galvanized before we start the production.
  7. Electric Galvanized + Powder Coated: galvanized concertina razor wire be coated by polyester powder.

Reference Number

Blade Style


Wire Dia





BTO 12







BTO 15







BTO 22







BTO 30







CBT 25







CBT 60







CBT 65






Barbed Tape Concertina (CBT);Barbed Tape Obstacle (BTO)
Concertina Razor Wire (Standard Use)
Outside Diameter No. of Loops Standard Length per Coil Type Notes
450mm 33 7-8M CBT-60.65 Single coil
500mm 56 12-13M CBT-60.65 Single coil
700mm 56 13-14M CBT-60.65 Single coil
960mm 56 14-15M CBT-60.65 Single coil
450mm 56 8-9M (3 CLIPS) BTO- Cross type
500mm 56 9-10M (3 CLIPS) BTO- Cross type
600mm 56 10-11M (3 CLIPS) BTO- Cross type
600mm 56 8-10M (5 CLIPS) BTO- Cross type
700mm 56 10-12M (5 CLIPS) BTO- Cross type
800mm 56 11-13M (5 CLIPS) BTO- Cross type
900mm 56 12-14M (5 CLIPS) BTO- Cross type
960mm 56 13-15M (5 CLIPS) BTO- Cross type
980mm 56 14-16M (5 CLIPS) BTO- Cross type


concertina razor wire cbt-65

Economic Product

The concertina razor wire do not need to cost too much. Even it is a little bit expensive than the bard wire fencing, the wire material and blade material cost less than other kind of fences if covering same length area. Concertina razor wire is one of the most hot sale products in Skyhall fence series.

Chain link fence with razor wire on top

High Security

Concertina razor wire has another two types – flat type razor wire and welded razor wire mesh. No matter which type of the razor wire, their most important feature is high security. Also bring a kind of deterrent force to people. Skyhall do not suggest to use concertina razor wire in the area usually children walk around.

concertina razor wire atop chain link fence

Field Adaptability

A feature of security wire products different from fence panel products is its field adaptability during installation. The concertina razor wire is able to set up in different kind of field condition such as hillside, mountain or desert, etc. The fluid shape can make the concertina razor wire suit for all kinds of field condition.

Randomly Selected Projects

2014 – 1.8km – China Supplied 1.8mm concertina razor wire to a prison project in Yunnan Province, China.

2011 – 6,400coils – Nigeria Exported 6,400coils concertina razor wire to Nigeria for a local company, this time we improved the loading, the loading capacity increased 400coils.

2009 – 6,000coils – Nigeria Exported 6,000coils concertina razor wire to Nigeria for supplying a local company.

2013 – 13,000coils – Nigeria Exported 13,000coils concertina razor wire to Nigeria, specs in both 1000mm big coils and 500mm small coils.

2010 – 53,600coils – Saudi Arabia Exported 53,600coils diameter 1000mm concertina razor wire to Saudi Arabia for its boundary project.

I’m doing the concertina razor wire market in West Africa based in Nigeria. Sometimes we imported the finished concertina razor wire and sometimes we bought only razor wire material from Skyhall. We had warehouse in Nigerial and mostly do wholesale. The production ability of Skyhall is big, always can finish our urgent order if our bulk almost done in warehouse. I came to China to do inspection and visit every year. Really like to cooperate with Skyhall.

– Jude

We got a government project for large quantity of concertina razor wire. This is like a new product to us and we finally got contacted with people from Skyhall Fence. We had very strict requirements with the specs and they showed high professionalism and met our requirements 100%. You guys really helped us a lot during our cooperation. Thank you guys. Keeping going!

– Buck

We used the razor wire a lot every year. And we import it many times. But Skyhall fence service really left us a deep impression. Their staff are quite work hard. They will think through for us and we just let them help to complete the project is ok. To have a good partner like them, we feel very happy.

– Jimmy

We are a trading company and we supply concertina razor wire in big amount. After our former manufacturer in China shut down their business, we have to change our supplier. Fortunately we found Skyhall Fence which turn out to be a better supplier than all the suppliers we used to have. Their service is simply the best we ever had. Thank you guys for your hard work.

– Josh

We purchase the Concertina razor wire for our government. The requirement of the Concertina razor wire is big quantity and must be high quality and durable. We accepted the price from Skyhall Fence among the suppliers. After a 20’ container trial order, we decided purchase all the razor wire from them. Their quality is really superior.

– Pawan

concertina razor wire coils

High security

The blade of the concertina razor wire is very sharp, so it has a great security. But at the same time, it is also a little dangerous. But if you want to find a high security wire, the concertina razor wire must be a good choice for you.

Various applications

The concertina razor wire has many applications, it can work with many kind of fences, like the welded mesh fencing, chain link fences, 358 mesh fence etc. To prevent that the people will climb over the fence, put the concertina razor wire on the top, it add up the height of the fence and it also increase the security.

concertina razor wire under blue sky
concertina razor wire bto-12


Because of the raw material is less,the cost of the concertina razor wire will be a little lower than the other fencing products. And when you need a big quantity of high security products, and maybe you have a limited budget for your project, then the concertina razor wire is a quite good choice for you.


The blade of the concertina razor wire is a little sharp, it may hurt people. But also because of its feature, it has the high security. To put it carefully and it is still a good high security products to choose.

concertina razor wire blade


concertina razor wire cad
concertina razor wire pvc coating

Application Scenarios

Concertina razor wire is a kind of security wire with very long history. Army use it during the World War II for protecting its battle field from the enemies going through. We can see the concertina razor wire a lot in a lot of films. It is one of the most wildly used security wire products in the world. No matter country boundary, prison, military zone, airport, warehouse, farm, garden, hospital, police station, etc, concertina razor wire is a very good security solution. For African market, especially in Nigeria, people in the village even use the concertina razor wire to instead of fence to surround their house.

Packing of Concertina Razor Wire from skyhall fence

The packing concertina razor wire need a lot of labor because each of the concertina razor wire coils is packed independently. The independently package is very necessary because of the shape razor blade will be crossed and can not be separated if the razor tough together. First, need to pack the concertina razor wire with water proof paper. The water proof paper can prevent the water go into the concertina razor wire coil if raining. Then wrapped the coil with plastic belt. The plastic belt is to prevent people’s finger from cutting when they carry it because of the blade is really sharp and dangerous. All these packing process need to be done by labor. After the plastic belt wrapped, we need to press a lot of concertina razor wire coils to be a bundle to save space for increasing loading capacity. Also the bundle can be much easier for folklift loading. Loading in bulk is also acceptable, but only suggest do loading in bulk when small quantity, or the loading capacity will be very small. (1)In Bulk: loading the concertina razor wire coils in bulk. (only suggested in small quantity) (2)Water Proof Paper inside + Plastic Belt outside + Press to Bundle: wrapped the water proof paper inside then plastic belt outside, press the coils in bundles. (suggested)

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