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Field Fencing

Field fencing is also a kind of popular fence for fields or agriculture. Its material selects the low carbon steel wire with pre-hot dipped galvanized, and with high zinc coating about 200g/m2. It is a type of very economical fence for the farm, orchard, fields, grasslands, forest zone …etc. The formation of the field fencing is automatic twist plait by the line wire and the cross wire. So the fencing mesh is knotted. And the spacing between the line wire is different, smaller spacing in the bottom of mesh panel, then the spacing become much more bigger than the the bottom one. To design like that is to protect the little rodents or animals from getting through.
The field fencing post is to use the angle steel, to make holes on the angle steel, which is used to tie the fence panel with the post. And it can use the wooden stake to replace the angle steel. To fix the post and the fence panel together is using the galvanized wire.
All in all, the formation of the field fencing is not complex, and it is also very economical and save the production cost. It is a quite good choice to choose the field fencing.

Field Fencing Specification

A HEIGHT: 900mm ~ 2200mm


B WIDTH: 25,000mm / 30,000mm / 50,000mm / 100,000mm


C HORIZONTAL WIRE SPACING: Bottom to Top: 3’’ / 3’’ / 3 1/2’’ / 4’’ / 4.5’’ / 5’’ / 5.5’’ / 6’’ / 7’’ / 8’’ / 9’’ / 9.5’’ / 10’’




E WIRE THICKNESS: 1.8mm / 2.0mm / 2.5mm / 3.0mm




S SURFACE TREATMENT: Pre – Hot Dipped Galvanized (100g/m2)

Pre – Hot Dipped Galvanized (200g/m2)

welded mesh fencing right arrow
field fencing 3d illustrations


  1. Height: the height of the field fencing.
  2. Length: the length of the field fencing for per roll.
  3. Wire Thickness: the wire diameter of the woven wire mesh.
  4. Selvedge Wire: the diameter of the wire on the edge of field fencing.
  5. Pre – Hot Dipped Galvanized: the wire material already been hot dipped galvanized before producing the gabion basket.


farm fencing

High Strength

One of the great features of field fencing is its high strength. The field fencing selects the high strength galvanized wire to wove together. The selected wire with high tensile strength, which is able to withstand the violent impact of cattle, horses, sheep and other livestock. It is very safe and reliable.

farm wire fencing

Woven Type

The field fencing is fully automatic machine production. The formation of the fence mesh is woven type. It is the twist plait by the line wire and the cross wire. It saved a lot of labor and reduce labor intensity. At last it made a flat surface, firm structure of the field fencing.

field fencing

Simple Structure

The structure of the field fencing is very simple. So it has a very short production period and very easy to maintain. So with small size and light weight, it is convenient during the packing and loading on the container.

Randomly Selected Projects

2014 – 4,200rolls – United States
Exported 4,200rolls(10 containers) of hot dipped galvanized field fencing to USA.

2013 – 8,400rolls – New Zealand
Exported 8,400rolls of field fencing with 50.0 meters per roll to New Zealand

2010 – 34.0km – Japan
Supplied 34.0km field fencing Japan for farm use.

2013 – 41.0km – South Africa
Exported 41.0km field fencing to South Africa with angle steel post and barbed wire.

2012 – 90.1km – Australia
Exported 90.1km field fencing with angle steel post to Australia for fencing a farmland.

Skyhall made a amazing job on our farm fence, they r friendly and the price was great. I m here to express my thank to all of them. Good job! Keep going!

– Sue

We got our goat fence few months ago, and we had installed it. Speak for install, really thank their instructions, it really help a lot and save a lot. Now we had using the fencing for months, it is still quite good for now. We not worry about the animals to lost.

– Hashi

The most impressive part for with Skyhall is their professionalism and their customer service. Very appreciated your patience through all the project. Smoothly cooperate with you.

– Nathan

The quality of the fence is quite good, the packing of the goods is also satisfied. We bought this fence for several times. It can be say that his is the most satisfied one. And compare with other supplier, it is very worthy to get the fence from them. Hope to make long time cooperation. Cheers!

– Raul

I bought fence for my farm, actually at first i have no idea about which type, they helped to select the suitable one and design all the fence for me. and their design is very well. Now i m waiting to see my new fence in my farm.

– Carol

field fence with wood post


For the simple structure and woven type, the cost of the field fencing is lower than the other fencing products. And the field fencing is usually applied in the big prairie, so it will need a big quantity, with the low cost, to choose the field fencing can control your budget very well.

Long Lifetime

The field fencing has used the high zinc coating galvanized wire to woven together, it has good anti-corrosion factor. Even in the bad weather or bad natural conditions, the field fencing can have a long more than dozens of years lifetime.

field fencing application
field fence stand

Easy Transportation

Field fencing is very easy to transport. The field fencing is packed into the rolls, so it is very easy to load on the container and easy to transport. The fence mesh rolls and the post are separately packed, it can be convenient to load and easy to transport.

Good Protection

The field fencing is woven by the high tensile galvanized wire, it can stand the hard hit of the animals. At the same time, the knot of the field fencing is encircle, it won’t hurt the animal and play a good protection role.

farm fencing wire

The installation of the field fencing is not very complex. Then let’s see the installation step by step.

1.Field investigation. Before the installation of the field fencing, it needs to carry on the field investigation first. To make sure that the area for the installation is flat. And choose the right place for the gate installation.
2.Install post. To bury the post into the ground in the same distance in a line. The post should bury into the ground at least 500mm. To make sure the distance between first post and the last post is equal to the length of the fence roll you are going to install next.
3.Install fence roll. After fix the post into the ground, then we need to unfold a roll of field fencing, to make the smaller line wire spacing in the bottom, using the fence stretcher to stretch the fence roll tense. and then using the tie wire to tie the fence roll with the post in the same distance on the post. And tie all the fence panel with each post.
4.Install door. After connect the fence roll with the post, then it is the installation of the door. To fix the door to the post, and make sure it is flat and easy to switch.
5.Final inspection. After all the installation of the field fencing, to inspect all the steps are right and make the fence correctly.
After the steps of the above installing, the field fencing is well completed to protect your animals and play its role.
farm fence lines

Application Scenarios

field fencing widely used in many places, such as grassland, pasture, forest, birdhouse, breeding, green belts,embankment, road and bridge, reservoirs, the zoo fence, construction site fence, captive poultry, slope greening, landscaping using nets, wildlife park etc. So the field fencing is quite popular among the customers from all over the world. Especially the application in the pasture fence project, which can play an important role in rotational grazing pastures and protection for the grassland. It can also be used for rare flowers, growing forest park isolation protection.
It can also be used for pastoral grasslands construction around the prairie and implementation of fixed grazing and grazing column. It facilitates the use of pasture resources, effectively improve the utilization of grassland and grazing efficiency, prevent grassland degradation, protection of the natural environment.

The packing of the field fencing from Skyhall Fence

The packing of the field fencing is quite rigid and strict. For the field fencing, it is packed as rolls.
So for the packing: can be no packing and load on the container in bulk.
2.Using the woven bags to wrap the both ends of the field fencing.
3.Using the plastic film rapped and loading on the container in bulk.
4.Using the plastic film wrapped and loading on the steel pallet and load on the container.
5.customized packing method is also accepted.For the packing of the post:
Wrapped with the plastic film and loading on the steel pallet or in bulk.
With strict and careful packing, we can make sure that you can receive the products very well.

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