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Barbed Wire Fencing

Barbed wire fencing is a kind of economic products in Skyhall security wire series. Also called barbed wire. Comparing with concertina razor wire, it’s more economic but a little bit less security. The production of bared wire fencing is all done by automatic machine. The machine will twist the barb on the core wire and then roll the barbed wire fencing to be a coil. This kind of machine runs very fast and production ability is very high.

Barbed wire fencing specification always described by wire gauge (BWG) and feet or inch. Normally we use BWG wire gauge to say the wire thickness of the core wire and barb wire, make the inch unit to describe the barb spacing. There are two kind of strand for barbed wire fencing, single strand and double strand. Single strand is make a single wire to be the core wire of barbed wire fencing. Double strand type need to twist the two wires together to be the core wire. Pre-hot dipped galvanized is the most popular type of finish for barbed wire fencing.

The market of barbed wire fencing is globally because it’s a kind of very common fencing products in the world. No matter in farmland, battle field or forest, we can see the barbed wire fencing a lot. If you want to find a cooperated barbed wire fencing supplier in China, please contact Skyhall to talk more details.

Barbed Wire Fencing Specifications

A Core Wire Thickness: #12 #12½ #13 #13½ #14 #14½ #15 #15½ (in B.W.G.)


B Barbs Spacing: 3” / 4” / 5” / 6”


C Barb Wire Thickness: #12 #12½  #13  #14 #14½ #15 #15½ (in B.W.G.)


D Type: Single Strand / Double Strand / Concertina Barbed Wire


E Weight: 25kg/coil


S SURFACE: Pre Hot Dipped Galvanized (100g/m²)

Electric Galvanized + Polyester Powder Coated (All colors in Ral)

welded mesh fencing right arrow
Barbed Wire Fencing


  1. Core Wire Thickness: the diameter of the core wire of barbed wire fencing.
  2. Barbs Spacing: distance between two barbs.
  3. Barb Wire Thickness: the diameter of the barb of barbed wire fencing.
  4. Single Strand: only one line of core wire.
  5. Double Strand: two strand of core wire twisted.
  6. Weight 25kg/coil: normally the weight of barbed wire fencing is 25kg/coil, but we can also manufacture to clients’ specs about the coil weight.
  7. Pre Hot Dipped Galvanized: the surface of barbed wire fencing material is already been galvanized before we start the production.
  8. Electric Galvanized + PVC Coated: PVC wire to be the material of barbed wire fencing.

Specifications of Barbed Wire

Gauge of
Strand and Barb in B.W.G.

Approximate Length per kilogram in Meter

Barbs Spacing 3″

Barbs Spacing 4″

Barbs Spacing 5″

Barbs Spacing 6″
























































Gauge No. B.W.G Conversion Chart
inch mm
6 0.203 5.156
7 0.180 4.572
8 0.165 4.191
9 0.148 3.759
10 0.134 3.404
11 0.120 3.048
12 0.109 2.769
13 0.095 2.413
14 0.083 2.108
15 0.072 1.829
16 0.065 1.651
17 0.058 1.473
18 0.049 1.245
19 0.042 1.067
20 0.035 0.889


barbed wire fencing economic

Economic Products

Barbed wire fencing is a kind of economic products in Skyhall fence series. Because of the material cost and weight of it is lower than others, barbed wire fencing become to be the most economic products. However, the security function of it is high even comes with a low price.

barbed wire fencing high security

High Security

Barbed wire fencing is the only few economic fencing products but come with high security function. The shape barb always bring a kind of deterrent force to the people, seems to warn others do not try to touch or go through. Skyhall do not suggest to use the barbed wire fencing in very low position, in case of the harm of children.

barbed wire fence easy installation

Quick and Easy Installation

The installation of barbed wire fencing is very fast and easy. Just need to make the barbed wire coils to be straight and hang on the post for several lines. Normally the instalation of 1 linear km of barbed wire fencing can be done by only several people in only one day.

Randomly Selected Projects

2014 – 1.4km – Russia
Exported 1.4km 358 mesh fence to Russia for a prison project.

2011 – 4.5km – United States
Exported 4.5km hot dipped galvanized mixed with powder coated 358 mesh fence system to United States for fencing a warehouse in Maryland.

2010 – 4,500pcs – South Africa
Exported 4,500pcs hot dipped galvanized 358 mesh fence panels to South Africa for supplying a trading company in local.

2013 – 5,000pcs – South Africa
Exported 5,000pcs 358 fence panel to South Africa for supplying a local company.

2011 – 3.1km – Mozambique
Exported 3.1km hot dipped galvanized 358 mesh fence with V-arm and razor wire to Mozambique via a trading company in South Africa.

In the year of 2011, I purchased half container of barbed wire from Skyhall in Canton Fair to South Africa for a farmland. The barbed wire still looks shinny until now, already been 4 years. I think the barbed wire fencing from Skyhall comes with good quality. One years later I bought another half container of BRC fence from them for my personal yard with powder coated surface treatment, looks very nice. I may bought more from them when I need fencing products.

– Michael

I’m Mohammad from Pakistan, we bought the barbed wire for bordering fence, this project need the high quality and security barbed wire, it is very important. Because it is for the millitary use. Skyhall Fence give us good quotation and also give us the SGS certificate of the barbed wire.

– Mohammad

We knew these people from Skyhall Fence through and later we found them to be very professional during our interaction with my inquiry for the barbed wire fencing material. After compared with a few other suppliers I decide that they are best one to go and it turned out to be true. Very pleasant journey working with those guys.

– Muhammad

We bought the barbed wire fencing to surround our orchard. We need fence o be cheap and high security. Then they got us the barbed wire, it is very easy to install and make the fence, and more impoetant it is quity high security. Skyhall help us a lot on the projecr design on the orchard. Thank u so much.

– Susan

We bought the barbed wire for our farm fence from Skyhall Fence. They kindly give us a good price, we are satisfied with the the quality of their barbed wire. The barbed wire around our farm we bought from Skyhall Fnece has high security for our animals. Thank you very much.

– Syed

barbed wire fencing economical


Barbed wire fencing is a quite economic product among the fencing products. There are less raw material of the barbed wire than the other fence products. So the price of the barbed wire fencing is quite economical. If you want to surround a big yard and have limited budget, I have to say it is a great idea to use the barbed wire fencing.

Easy application

The barbed wire fencing can be used in many places and ways. You can use the barbed wire to form the barbed fencing. It is using the post and barbed wire, bind the barbed wire on the post, it is Ok. And it can also put on the different other fencing products, like welded wire mesh fencing, diamond mesh fence and so on. After put the barbed wire on it, the security will be much higher.

barbed wire points
barbed wire sharp point

Great security

Even though the barbed wire fencing is not too expensive, its security is quite good. Using the barbed wire to protect the zones or places, it will make people or animal difficult to pass through. And it is also a little dangerous, so when you using the barbed wire, you should be careful.


Compared with concertina razor wire, the security of barbed wire fencing is less than the razor wire. So if you want the high security products, maybe the razor wire will be a better choice.

barbed wire pvc coils

Installation of the Barbed Wire Fencing from Skyhall Fence

Barbed wire fencing is very easy to installation and the speed of installation is very fast. If we want to install the barbed wire tightly and straightly, a small tool called tension machine is very necessary. We are going to give an installation example for barbed wire fencing with angle steel post.

1.Measure the correct distance according the planed width of each section, then dig holes one the ground and set up the post into the ground. Filling the earth into the ground and make sure the post is stable enough for hanging the barbed wire. Some times we need to fill liquid concrete into the hole to make sure the angle steel post stable enough. The spacing of two barbed wire fencing post can accept tolerance, the tolerance will not affect the quality of installation too much.

2.Open the barbed wire coils to one line of barbed wire, then use the tension machine make the barbed wire straight. Need to make sure tension the barbed wire as straight as we can, or the barbed wire fencing will not looks beautiful after installation.

3.Hanging the barbed wire up to the punched hooks on the angle steel post, then make sure the barbed wire is stable on the post and will not drop from the hooks. (the angle steel post do not need post cap)

The installation of barbed wire fencing is kind of easier than other Skyhall fence series and the installation speed is very fast. Moreover, it is an important reason why people prefer to use it for big quantity such as large farm land, military zone or large piece of forest. Normally uesing barbed wire fencing to cover 10 linear km need only several workers in only a week.


barbed wire fencing cad
Barb Wire Wide Desktop Background

Application Scenarios

There are so many applications of the barbed wire fencing from Skyhall Fence. It always used on the border of the grassland, railway, highway to secure the places. The barbed wire can also fixing on the top of the high security fence, chain link wire mesh fence to strengthen the security of the both metal fence panels. We can always see the barbed wire fence on the top of the brick wall to make the yard more security. The barbed wire can be used around the farm with the post to keep the safety of the farm.

Packing of Barbed Wire Fencing from skyhall fence

The packing of barbed wire fencing is very easy and simple. Because most of the bard wire fencing is produced from pre – hot dipped galvanized low carbon steel wire. It will not be crashed during no matter inland shipping or sea shipping. We can load them in bulk if clients need to reduce some cost. This packing method is most of our clients choose. But there is a disadvantage of loading in bulk, it will cost more labor for unload and a kind of dangerous because of the shape barb of barbed wire fencing. Another packing solution is loaded the barbed wire fencing on a steel pallets, then tight the barbed wire fencing coils with steel wires make sure it will not fall down during shipping. Wrapping the plastic film outside in the end. Need to be very careful that the pallets can not be over weight than 2.5tons during loading, because some of the folklift in destination site can not lift the pallets over than 2.5ton weight.

(1)In Bulk: loaded the barbed wire fencing rolls in bulk. (suggested)
(2)Plastic Film + Steel Pallet: loaded on steel pallets then wrapped with plastic film outside. (suggested)

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