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358 Mesh Fence

358 mesh fence, another names are high security fence, 358 fence, anti-climb fence, anti-cut fence, or clear vu fence. The most special specs of 358 mesh fence is its mesh size – 76.2mm*12.7mm. Of course, the small mesh brights the anti-climb and anti-cut function of the 358 mesh fence. Usually the weight of 358 mesh fence is about three or four times of other kind of wire mesh fencing because the dense wires need much more material than other kinds. Producing a piece of good quality 358 mesh fence use a good welding machines is not enough, also needs a skilled welding worker. To control the machine speed and proofread the direction of wires are very important. If production speed is too fast, the wire will be over heated and need man made proofread the wire to be correct position.

358 mesh fence is wildly used for the places need high security protection, such as prison, military zone and other places need or have lower security control. The main market of 358 mesh fence is in South Africa, United States and Nigeria. Mostly the clients prefer hot dipped galvanized surface treatment. If you need a reliable 358 mesh fence supplier in China, please contact Skyhall sales department anytime.

358 Mesh Fence Specifications

A HEIGHT: 1200mm / 1400mm / 1600mm / 1800mm / 2000mm / 2200mm


B WIDTH: 1500mm / 2000mm / 2500mm


C WIRE THICKNESS: 3.0mm / 4.0mm or 4.0mm / 4.0mm


D MESH SIZE: 76.2mm*12.7mm / 75.0mm*12.5mm / 100mm*15mm


E POST: Square Post (40mm*60mm / 60mm*60mm / 60mm*80mm)


F CLAMP: Metal Clamp / Flat Bar Covered


G POST CAP: Metal Cap / Anti-UV Plastic Cap


S SURFACE: Hot Dipped Galvanized (505g/m²)

Electric Galvanized + Polyester Powder Coated (All colors in Ral)

welded mesh fencing right arrow
358 Mesh Fence 3D illustration


  1. Height: the height of the 358 mesh fence panel.
  2. Width: the distance between two 358 mesh fence posts, measure from center to center
  3. Wire Thickness: diameter of the wire of 358 mesh fence, normally the horizontal wire is 3.0mm, vertical wire is 4.0mm.
  4. Mesh Size: the size of mesh for 358 mesh fence panel, normally is 76.2mm*12.7mm. Skyhall also provide 75.0mm*12.5mm or 100mm*15mm mesh size.
  5. Hot Dipped Galvanized: dip the fence in to a container that is full of liquid zinc, to prevent the 358 mesh fence from getting rusty.
  6. Electric Galvanized + Polyester Powder Coated: electric galvanized (zinc coating 8~12g) as a pre – surface treatment inside, polyester powder layer outside, to prevent the 358 mesh fence from getting rusty.


358 mesh fence detail

High Security

358 mesh fencing is famous of its high security function. The small mesh (76.2mm*12.7mm) is small enough for human finger or cutter go though, so that’s the reason why its another two names are anti-climb fence and anti-cut fence. 358 mesh fence is wildly used in military zone or prison because of its high security function.

high security 358 fence


The mesh size of 358 mesh fence is 76.2mm*12.7mm which is to small for human’s finger to go though. Even we change the specs of mesh to be 100mm*15mm as a new mesh size type from Skyhall, the finger still can not go through the mesh for climbing over.

high security 358 fencing


Cutting the wire of 358 mesh fence is also a problem for the people trying to go through. The normal scissors can go through the mesh but it is not power enough for cutting the wire off. If change it to more powerful cutter, then the cutter will be too big to go through the mesh. Normal tools can not cut the wire off.

Randomly Selected Projects

2014 – 1.4km – Russia
Exported 1.4km 358 mesh fence to Russia for a prison project.

2011 – 4.5km – United States
Exported 4.5km hot dipped galvanized mixed with powder coated 358 mesh fence system to United States for fencing a warehouse in Maryland.

2010 – 4,500pcs – South Africa
Exported 4,500pcs hot dipped galvanized 358 mesh fence panels to South Africa for supplying a trading company in local.

2013 – 5,000pcs – South Africa
Exported 5,000pcs 358 fence panel to South Africa for supplying a local company.

2011 – 3.1km – Mozambique
Exported 3.1km hot dipped galvanized 358 mesh fence with V-arm and razor wire to Mozambique via a trading company in South Africa.

Skyhall fence has been my 358 mesh fence supplier four years ago. I know everybody in their company. We started the 358 mesh fence business together since our first cooperation. At the first beginning, I even do not know the mesh of 358 fence is horizontal or vertical. They touch me very patiently and really helped. I wish we can develop the 358 mesh fence market in South Africa together.

– Rob

The 358 mesh fence is very popular in our market now. We started the 358 mesh fence business with Skyhall Fence 3 years ago. At the first time we purchased the 358 mesh fence from Skyhall Fence. Their good service and the high quality products impressived me. They really do us a big favor with the 358 mesh fence.

– Ifeanyi

We got the anti-climb fence several times from Skyhall, they always leave us no worry. They have a good packing as every time we never face a trouble in loading in our warehouse. The very important is their price is quite competitive among the quotations we got from other suppliers.

– Joey

Our factory needed very high security fencing system to prevent illegal trespassing. After a long time search and we found Skyhall Fence and they recommend us their 150 Series High Security Fence System. We requested for sample and we found this product to be quite perfect for our project. Thanks for your effort!

– Johann

This is Mario from South Africa, we purchase the 358 wire mesh fence from Skyhall Fence for many times. They give us good price, good service, for the first time, they give us a very nice gift with the 358 mesh fence sample. Their designer also help us design the 358 mesh fence gate. Skyhall Fnece is a good partner.

– Mario

358 mesh fencing

High security

The 358 mesh fence with the mesh size of 76.2mm*12.7mm has a high security factor. Because the the mesh size is too small for people to cut or climb. And the wire thickness of the 358 mesh fence is usually horizontal wire 3.0mm and vertical wire 4.0mm, it is quite strong and secure.

Easy installation

The installation of the 358 mesh fence is also not difficult. Usually the composed parts of the high security fence are the security fence panel, the post and the flat bar, the clamps. First to stand the post in the regular distance, then stand the fence panel by the post, and make the panel between the flat bar and the post. Last to fix the fence panel, post and flat bar with the clamps and bolts.

high security fence 358 mesh
high security 358 fencing

Easy transportation

Because the each parts of the 358 mesh fence can be packed separately. So it is very easy to transport and load. When you pick the 358 mesh fence, you can worry little about the loading capacity. And our experts will help you a lot during the whole process.

Higher price

Compared with other wire mesh fence, the 358 mesh fence is a little expensive. But consider the mesh size, the wire thickness and so on, it is worthy for you to pay ore money for it.

358 mesh high security fencing358 mesh high security fencing

Installation of the 358 Mesh Fence from Skyhall Fence

358 mesh fence has a lot of different installation solution according to different accessories. Connecting with flat bar with bolts and nuts is the most common one for 358 mesh fence, but we have other multiple choice to installation such as connecting with BRC fence V clips or with 358 mesh fence spider clamp. We will give an example for 2.5 linear meter width 358 mesh fence installation process with three different connecting solution.1.Measure the distance in every 2.5 linear meter and dig holes on the ground. We can also speed up by dig the holes together for all post. Installing the post in to the holes (usually more than 500mm deep) and filling the earth back to the holes for fill the liquid concrete inside to make sure the post is stable enough and will not move. If the ground is concrete, please set up the post flange plate with anchor bolts.

2.Standing up the 358 mesh fence panel. The weight of 358 mesh fence panel is much heavier than other kind of fence. Normally we need two staffs to lift it at least. Make sure the space between the post and panel is correct.

3.(A)If we install with flat bar, please cover the flat bar on the face side of the panel, make sure the 358 mesh fence panel is in the middle of the post and flat bar, then set up the bolts and nuts. (B) If we use the BRC fence V clips with self drilling bolts, please set up the V clips first, then use self drilling bolts drill in to the post wall. Normally the spacing of every two V clips is about 500mm. (3) If connecting with 358 mesh fence spider clamp, please install the finger of spider clamp go through the mesh and make sure the clamp is hanging the panel.


358 mesh fencing cad
high security fencing

Application Scenarios

358 mesh fence is a kind of very high security products in Skyhall fence series. We can see a lot of 358 mesh fence in military zone, airport, prison, boundary wall or other place need very high security protect. In Abuja, Nigeria, government set up the 358 mesh fence on the side of the road to be function as street barrier. In Mozambique, we can see the 358 mesh fence be used as boundary wall. South Africa also have a big market of 358 mesh fence for protecting warehouse and mobile signal tower equipment. United States also use the 358 mesh fence everywhere needs high security protection.

Packing of 358 Mesh Fence from skyhall fence

358 mesh fence packing normally followed by Skyhall fence standard packing process. Normally loaded the 358 mesh fence panel on the pallets. (one piece panel face up then next one face down to increase the loading capacity) If the 358 mesh fence panel comes with folds, we can only load them all panel face up. Use the corner cover to protect the edge of the panel. Then use the steel belt wrapped the pallets to make it tight. Plastic film outside wrapped. The post packing process is almost same as the panel packing. Because of the weight of 358 mesh fence is heavy, we need to be careful that the pallets can not be over weight than 2.5tons. Some of the folklift in the destination site could not handle the weight over 2.5tons. Skyhall do not suggest bulk load unless the surface treatment of the 358 mesh fence is hot dipped galvanized. Sometimes the size of the panel is too big for loading with pallets, then we have to choose to stand the panel up on a side of the container. In the end, the other 358 mesh fence fittings such as rain cap and bolts&nuts will be loaded in a carton box.
(1)In Bulk: loading the 358 mesh fence panel, post in bulk. accessories in carton box. (only be suggested when loading the hot dipped galvanized 358 mesh fence or special size can not loaded on pallets)
(2)Plastic Film + Steel Pallet: wrapped the 358 mesh fence panel and post with plastic film then loaded on steel pallet. (suggested)

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