Anti Climb Galvanized Fence – A Security Enhanced Fence System

Anti climb galvanized fence is becoming more and more popular since security is becoming a more and more important issue in people’s everyday life. Fence is of course designed to make your property safer. While there is one thing that most people don’t know is that many fence products are not so secure because the fence itself is more like a barrier that letting people know that this place or area is not allowed for trespassing.

But actually if you really want to trespass, well you actually can. Because not every fence system are security enhanced, not like anti climb galvanized fence. Like the name indicate, you can not climb over the fence, not with your bare hand.

Why anti climb galvanized fence anti climb? Well, that is a good question. The anti climb fence is also called 358 fence. It is actually a welded mesh fencing system. Only the mesh size of this fence system is designed to be very small. The mesh size is so small that human finger can not go through it, and hence, people will have no place to climb thus the anti climb.

Although the design of small mesh size can make the fence very secure, but you can always make it even more secure by combine the fence panels with concertina razor wire. Concertina razor wire is another popular fence material used in a lot of fence projects including military projects. The concertina razor wire is usually used a the top barrier on top of the main panel fence.

By this design, even you have tools like a ladder or something, it will also be very hard to climb over. Used the anti climb galvanized fence with concertina razor wire is a good design if you need a security enhanced fence system.

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