PVC Fence Panels – An Economical Fence Material

PVC fence panels is an economical and practical fence materials that you can easily find in your city. Because comparing to other fence materials, PVC fence panels are usually cheaper, it becomes very popular all over the world.

For example, you can easily see PVC welded mesh fence alongside highway in China, or many parks and gardens in Europe. It has another name called euro fence, as the name indicate, it has a very high popularity in European countries.

Now let us talk about the surface treatment of PVC fence panels. Most welded mesh fence panels are being galvanized first and then sprayed with plastic powders. But PVC welded fence panels are different in that it is also being galvanized first and then treated with PVC coating.

The PVC coating layer is usually a lot thicker than that of power coating. That is because the difference in the two coating technique, for the powder coating technique, the coating layer is being applied by spraying the plastic powder onto the surface of the articles. On the other hand, for the PVC powder coating technique, the PVC material is being applied by dipping the articles into hot PVC materials. These are totally different coating technique.

There is one reason why PVC fence panels are usually cheaper than powder coated fence panels. The core wire thickness of PVC welded mesh fence panels are usually less thicker than that of powder coated welded mesh fence panels. So the weight per panel of PVC welded mesh panels are less than that of powder coated panels.

The mesh size of PVC panels are usually 50 millimeters plus 50 millimeters. Comparing to more common mesh size like 50 millimeters plus 200 millimeters, it is relatively small mesh size. PVC mesh panels are usually packed in rolls and wrapped with plastic film to protect the rolls during transportation and storage.

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