Construction Safety Fence – Temporary Fence Product

Construction safety fence plays a very important role in construction site. There are countless construction site out there, all kinds of different construction site within which are different construction works that involves machines that can be dangerous to people nearby. This is where the construction safety fence comes into play.

This fence is also called temporary fence or portable fence. As the name construction safety fence indicate, it is designed to be used to protect people from the dangerous factors of construction site. And as the name of temporary fence indicate, this kind of fence is being used temporarily and not permanent.

Now let me walk you through the components of temporary fence, it is actually quite simple and straight forward. There are two main components of temporary fence, the first one is the temporary fence panel which act as the main part of the temporary fence. All the panels are connected with a metal clamp fixed with bolts and nuts. And to make the panels stable and erect on the ground, there will be the base foot. There are different types of base foot too. The most common and also our standard base foot used with our construction safety fence products. There are also other kinds of base foot, such as metal flat base foot, etc. The product can be ordered based on customers’ specific requirement.

The temporary fence panels are usually made using frames made of steel tubes and welded wire mesh made of low carbon steel wire. But other design is also doable, like chain link mesh that as the filler of the temporary fence panels.

Construction safety fence is an important security fence product, protecting people from dangerous factors near construction sites. It is being used widely all over the world, if you have interest in this product, please feel free to contact us for a free quote.

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