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Double Wire Fence

Double wire fence, is also called double wire mesh fencing. A kind of welded fencing in Skyhall fencing series. Double wire fence is special as its horizontal wire. Normally it is designed to two horizontal wire and one vertical wire. For stronger type we use 8mm/6mm/8mm wire thickness for double wire fence, and normal type is 6mm/5mm/6mm wire thickness. The wire thickness in the middle above is for vertical wire. The mesh size of double wire fence is common type like welded mesh fencing – 200mm*50mm. Usually the double wire fence can not come with folds because of its vertical wire is too strong for bending. But the 30mm spike on the top is acceptable during production, to prevent any people from climbing over.

Double wire fence is wildly used in the city, especially in German market. Most of the clients buying double wire fence are for German market usage and the quantity is big. Several years ago, the production of double wire fence is slow because of the second horizontal wire need to be added after we finished the welding of the panel. Four years ago, the automatic machine for adding wire came out to the production process, then the producing ability increased a lot and the cost decreased to very competitive with other kind of fences.

Double Wire Fence Specifications

A HEIGHT: 1230mm / 1430mm / 1630mm / 1830mm / 2030mm / 2230mm


B WIDTH: 2000mm / 2500mm / 3000mm


C WIRE THICKNESS: 8mm/6mm/8mm, or 6mm/5mm/6mm


D MESH SIZE: 200mm*50mm


E CLAMP: Metal Clamp


F POST SIZE: 40mm*60mm / 60mm*60mm / 80mm*60mm


G POST CAP: Metal Cap / Anti-UV PP Plastic Cap


S SURFACE: Hot Dipped Galvanized (505g/m²)

Electric Galvanized + Polyester Powder Coated (All colors in Ral)

welded mesh fencing right arrow
Double Wire Fence


  1. Height: the height of the double wire fence panel.
  2. Width: the distance between two double wire fence posts, measure from center to center
  3. Wire Thickness: diameter of the wire of double wire fence. Normally the two horizontal wires and one vertical wire is 8mm/6mm/8mm or 6mm/5mm/6mm.
  4. Mesh Size: the size of double wire fence mesh, normally is 200mm*50mm.
  5. Hot Dipped Galvanized: dip the fence in to a container that is full of liquid zinc, to prevent the double wire fence from getting rusty.
  6. Electric Galvanized + Polyester Powder Coated: electric galvanized (zinc coating 8~12g) as a pre – surface treatment inside, polyester powder layer outside, to prevent the double wire fence from getting rusty.


double wire fence sample

Double Horizontal Wire

Double wire fence is named its double horizontal wire feature. In order to make the fence panel stronger, designers added another extra horizontal wire on the panel. Double wire fence is the only one type of fence come with doubled horizontal wires one the panel. Double wire is the special design only for double wire fence.

double wire fence playground

Thick Wire Diameter

The wire diameter of double wire fence is also another feature to make it special. Maximum wire thickness of horizontal wire can be 8.0mm, another adding wire is also 8.0mm thickness. Even the vertical wire can be 6.0mm thickness. This make the double wire more stronger than other kind of fence.

double wire fence black color

Multiple Choice for Installation

Because the shape of double wire fence panel looks very normal except the extra horizontal wire, the panel can suit for many different kind of post and connection method. No matter BRC fence V-clips, welded mesh fencing metal clips / plastic clips, or the euro fence swallow tail post, double wire fence can be set up with different accessories.

Randomly Selected Projects

2014 – 1.2km – German
Exported 1.2km hot dipped galvanized double wire fence to German via a trading company in Hongkong.

2012 – 5,100pcs – Qatar
Exported 5,100pcs double wire fence panels to Qatar, to be a supplier of the trading company in local.

2011 – 7.1km – German
Exported 7.1km hot dipped galvanized double wire fence to German for fencing for a trading company.

2014 – 9.0km – German
Exported 9.0km hot dipped galvanized double wire fence to German for the road side fence.

2011 – 4,400pcs – Qatar
Exported 4,400pcs double wire fence panels to Doha, Qatar, for supplying a local company.

We are a fencing company located in Doha, Qatar. We did some importing orders with Skyhall fence in last three years. Some of the products we did are welded mesh and others are double wire fence. Their quality is good. Sometimes they shipped the double wire fence panel without package but in bulk. For normally the hot dipped galvanized panel no problem, but for the powder coated one it will be a little bit damage of the surface. In the Last orders, they improved the package of the panel pallets. Very good.

– Shuja

The double rod fence has a good market and people like it strength and rigid. And we also find the same kind of supplier to establish the long time relationship. We bought the double rod fence twice in Skyhall and very satisfied.

– Dankmar

I’m Jan from Germany, we are a big double wire fence wholesaler in our country. We have cooperated with Skyhall Fence for many times in the double wire fence regard. The double wire fence they provide us is very strong, neat, and nice. Our customers very like the double wire fence we import from Skyhall Fence.

– Jan

I’m Renny from Germany, we sell the double wire fence in our country. We always import the double wire fence from China. Skyhall Fence is our supplier. The double wire fence from Skyhall Fence has a good market in our country. Skyhall Fence really do a good job.

– Renny

We were starting a project which supplies double wire fence to regular customers for home improvement. That required us to have a manufacturer and supplier to supply us with the right product. Finally we got contacted with Skyhall Fence and after sample approval we started our business and it went quite well.

– Wilhelm

double wire fence 8 6 8


The double wire fence is welded by two horizontal wire and one vertical wire. It has one more horizontal wire than the normal wire mesh fence, so it will be much stronger. And the common wire thickness for the double wire fencing is 8mm/6mm/8mm or 6mm/5mm/6mm. The wire thickness is quite big for the wire fencing products, all in all, the double rod fence is rigid and durable beyond doubt.

Easy installation

First, to dig the holes to bury the post into the ground, if the ground is concrete, you can pick the post with flange plate and using the anchor bolts to fix it. Then stand up the double wire fence panel but be careful of its weight, make the panel be close to the post. Last, using the clamps to fix the double wire fence panel and post together. Then it is all right.

double wire fence road
double wire security fence

Easy transportation

The double wire fence is also very convenient to transport. The double wire fencing is transport by the fence panel,the post and the fittings like clamps, rain cap etc. It can packed by these three parts. So it is very easy to transport.


Because the raw material of the double wire fence is much more, the weight of the fencing will be higher. So it may need more people to carry it and install. But no doubt it is a pretty good fence products.

double wire fence garden

Installation of the Double Wire Fence from Skyhall Fence

Double wire fence is a kind of heavy weight fence products in Skyhall fence series. Normally we need at least two staffs during standing up the fence panel. The installation process of double wire fence is also not too complex. We can follow the normal process of metal fence installation. We will give an example of 2.5 linear meter width double wire fence installation process.

1.Measure the width on the ground for 2.5 linear meter, then dig holes on the ground. If need to speed up, we can dig all holes together when we calculate the distant correctly. If the ground is concrete, please do not dig holes for post.

2.Setting up the post into the holes and fill the earth into the holes to make sure the post will not move even we move it. The post must be installed very stable, or it won’t be able to afford the heavy weight of the double wire fence panel. If the ground is concrete and the post comes with base flange plate, please set up the anchor bolts into the concrete ground.

3.Standing up the panel close to the post. Usually we need two staffs to stand the double wire fence up because of the heavy weight. Need to make sure the spacing from post to double wire fence panel is correct for setting up the clamps.

4.Connecting the post and panel with metal clamps, normally the spacing of two clamps are 400mm ~ 600mm. The clamp need to be set up on the top of the mesh to hang the weight of the double wire fence panel.

5. Install the rain cap on the top of the post. If the height is difficult to reach the top, we can set up the post cap first before setting up the post.


double wire fencing cad
double wire fence green

Application Scenarios

Double wire fence is a special type of fence and its main market focus on German. Because the extra adding horizontal wire and the thick wire diameter make the fenec panel very strong, people like to use it one the side of road and warehouse, etc. It is very difficult to cut of the wire because the thickness make it too strong to be broke. In recent years, the double wire fence start growing up the market in Middle East because of its simple looking and strong feature. We can see a lot of double wire fence in the cities of Saudi Arabia, Turkey and Qatar.

Packing of Double Wire Fence from skyhall fence

Double wire fence packing can be followed by Skyhall fence standard packing. Loaded the double wire fence panel on the steel pallets crossed one by one. This is a good method to increase the loading capacity of double wire fence. Covered with corner cover to protect the edge of the double wire fence panel. Then tight with steel belt and wrapped with plastic film. Need to be caution that the weight of each pallets do not suggest to load more than 2.5tons because some of the folklift maximum weight is 2.5ton, especially the weight of double wire fence is heavy. The packing process of the post almost same as above. For other accessories, loaded in carton box then taped with Skyhall logo on it. Skyhall highly suggest do not loaded in bulk if the surface treatment is powder coated. The surface will be damaged during the shipping both inland and on see.(1)In Bulk: loading the double wire fence panel, post in bulk. accessories in carton box. (only be suggested when loading the hot dipped galvanized double wire fence)
(2)Plastic Film + Steel Pallet: wrapped the double wire fence panel and post with plastic film then loaded on steel pallet. (suggested)

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