The introduction of the palisade security fencing

Compared with other villa garden fences, palisade security fencing is a rather heavy products for it’s easy demolition works. palisade security fencing usually constitute with five parts, horizontal rail, pale, post, clamp and clip.

For security assurances, most of the customers custom the palisade security fencing with a rather higher altitudes, usually with 2000mm and 2400mm. Two horizontal rail are installed both for fixing and keep balance with the position of one top and one bottom.

To form a whole, and keep safety as well as beauty, pales are added. Usually one set palisade security fencing be formed with 2 post, 2 horizontal rail, and 17 pales. Pales are also selective, W-profile, D-profile or angle steel. The style of the pales are named with its form when you see from the top.

What’s more, the pale top with four types, single pointed, triple pointed, round top, square top are also in alternative based on your favor. The majority of the customs choose the single pointed or triple pointed to increase the security of the fence. Different with other fences, palisade security fencing use the IPE post only. IPE post is a angle steel which seems like a “I” when see from the top. Also the general specification is 100m*55mm.

Now we have mentioned three part of the garden fence. The remaining two part are the parts whose function is connect. The clamp with called fish plate are the part of the palisade security fencing which connected the post and the horizontal rail. The clip are anti-thief bolts and nuts which connected the pale and the horizontal rail. The anti-thief bolts and nuts are with fixed size M8 and M12, M8 for W-profile pale while the M12 for D-profile pale.

Before install the fence, the last part of the producing is have a surface treatment. The palisade security fencing have two style of surface treatment for you to choose, hot dipped galvanized treatment, and electric galvanized come with polyester powder coated treatment. If you want the fence with beautiful colors, you can choose the later treatment. What’s more, Skyhall Fence will also give you the 10 years warranty if you choose the hot dipped galvanized palisade security fencing.
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