Picket Fencing – A replacement for old wooden fence

Picket fencing is a beautifully designed and security enhanced fencing system. It is very popular in many countries across many continents. Different from traditional welded wire fences, picket fencing is made of horizontal and vertical steel tubes with spears on top of vertical small tubes.

Steel picket fence is newly designed, you can say it is a upgraded or modern fence system for the old wooden picket fence. Apparently steel fence is much more stronger than wooden fence system, right? Absolutely. The transportation and installation for steel picket fencing has more advantages than wooden fences too.

Picket fencing system are usually used around gardens, parks, and many more areas. Comparing to wooden picket fence, steel picket fencing can have different colors. That’s right, you can specify any color you desire from the standard RAL color chart. The most popular colors includes black, white and blue. Personally black color is my favorite color for picket fencing system.

The picket fence panels are made by welding horizontal and vertical steel tubes together and usually the vertical steel tubes is smaller than horizontal ones. The reasons is that there are much more vertical ones than horizontal ones. Usually 2 sets of horizontal steel tube is good enough, sometimes customers may desire for 3 sets per panel.

The picket fence is a lot like steel palisade fence, another steel fence system invented to take the place of the old wooden ones. Palisade fence is also make by vertical and horizontal steel articles. In that case the vertical ones are pales and horizontal one steel angles.

The post used with picket fence system are usually square post with steel caps to prevent the rain. The panels are connected to the post with metal clamps and bolts & nuts.

Picket fencing is a pretty good fencing system for home uses. If you have interest in this fencing system, please do not hesitate to contact us. Send a mail to info@skyhall-fence.com and we’ll get you a instant quote.

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