Galvanized Palisade Fencing in Skyhall Fence

Galvanized palisade fence also called palisade fence. It is known for more and more people. Now let me introduce this kind of fence for you. The height, width, we can produce according to your requirement. The normal width is 2750cm panel width is 2710cm. The panel of the fence usually 50cm above the ground.

The picket usually have 17 PCS for one panel. The picket thickness we can make it according to your requirement. The thickness of the picket usually is 1.5mm to 3.0mm. And the type of the picket have W type, D type. That s to say W profile and D profile and angle iron. Our galvanized palisade fencing not only have many type for profile but also have difference on the top.

The top including single top, triple top and round top, which for your choice according to your need. The RAL for the palisade fence usually have three kind of size. 50mm*50mm*5.0mm is most large size. And we also have 40mm*40mm*4.0mm for your choice.

We usually use IPE post for galvanized palisade fencing . And the size of the IPE post usually is 100mm*55mm.

Installing pale and RAL of the galvanized palisade fencing we use M8 anti-theft bolts and nuts. Connecting RAL and IPE post we use M12 anti-theft bolts and nuts. We also need fish plate for RAL and IPE post.

Galvanized palisade fencing is widely used in the industry and the private residents for safety. The appearance of the palisade fence is beautiful and looks elegance. So it is a good choice for your private residents. And we can provide many colors for your choice.

Skyhall fence have many years in making galvanized palisade fencing . Our clients came from different countries around the world. Our company built in HONGKONG and based in mainland China. We specialized in developing high quality galvanized palisade fencing for the world market.

Our galvanized palisade fencing have good quality and reasonable price for your choice.

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